MOMENTUM, 2011 — By Tricycle
a four part stainless steel installation
Sherwood Park, Alberta

MOMENTUM— A four part stainless steel sculpture installation created in 2011 by Tricycle for Centre in the Park, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, in collaboration with ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd.



Tricycle is a collective made up of three Edmonton area artists, Catherine Burgess, Walter Jule and Royden Mills, who have worked with ISL  (landscape engineering) on a number of large urban projects in Edmonton (the Aurora development) and Sherwood Park (Centre in the Park.

Their unique approach to public art involves rejecting isolated objecthood and fixed reference in favour of a landscape-driven overview that strives to present an environment in which art occurs. Their intent is to create artwork that goes beyond merely decorating or forming distinct, unrelated spectacles. By applying a broad treatment to the entire space their art merges with the landscape and the architecture, and in so doing, creates a rhythm of connected experiences that delight and transcend daily life. 

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