welded steel, 1990
54 x 245 x 53 cm

Photo Credit:  Douglas Curran


In the early 1990’s I made a series of sculptures that used a table format to explore subconscious symbolism. These pieces corresponded with a five-year Jungian analysis I was undergoing at the time and, eventually I came to realize that the isolated abstract shapes and objects that occupied the table surfaces held specific personal meaning for me. I was struck by the way in which meaning could inhabit form and by the personal truth that was revealed to me by examining a sculpture I had made relying only on instinct and intuition, rather than on conscious thought. The table tops represented the sum of my lived experience and the objects on them were memories and events surfacing. Their collective title,Things As They Are, followed by the date the sculpture was completed, identified them as a form of personal documentation.

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